Maintenance Tips



Spring Clean-Up

Spring clean-up includes the removal of all debris from sodded areas, cultivation of all common area tree beds, annual/perennial or shrubbery gardens. Our clean-up service begins when the grounds are accessible and weather conditions are agreeable to working conditions.


We de-thatch common lawn areas once during Spring, by thoroughly and aggressively raking all lawn areas.

Choosing Stock

Existing tree stakes and/or guide wires will be re-secured.  We also stake all of the other trees needing support as well as examining guide wires or stakes found on existing trees (under eight feet (8) in height).

Tree Staking

Tender annuals cannot be planted until after all danger of frost has passed and the soil is warm. Half-hardy annuals can be safely planted if nights are still cool as long as there will be no more frost. Hardy annuals can be planted in early spring as soon as the ground can be worked.


We supply and apply a granular fertilizer evenly to all areas of turf, a minimum of two times per year (Spring and Fall seasons) with a specialized blend of fertilizer that varies with the season. For maximum results, we only apply fertilizer when weather and soil conditions provide maximum absorption. Furthermore, we will provide the fertilizer to be used, and schedule the timing of each application. As a guarantee of our work, we will be responsible for the replacement or the correction of any problems resulting from the fertilizer applications. Our goal is the same as yours, to have your lawn as lush and green as possible from Spring to Fall.

Catch Basins

All catch basins are to be cleaned out and the debris removed (sticks, paper, leaves, refuse, etc.) in both the Spring and the Fall.


We supply and apply under Government license, two (2) approved weed killing sprays to all sodded areas, patios, asphalt and walkway areas by a provincially licensed person. Furthermore, a copy of the operator’s license will be posted on all lawn areas which have been treated. This will result in the total site or property to be kept weed free (and free of ‘unwanted’ vegetation) and is applicable to all sidewalks, patios and walkways. We are required to give the Corporation notification prior to the spray. Spraying for crabgrass is also available upon request.


Prune and trim all common area tree, shrubs and hedges etc. to remove dead branches, hazardous branches and sucker growth to the height of fifteen (15) feet. All debris resulting from pruning work will also be removed and disposed on the same day that the work is performed.


Litter pick-up of the total site to be done once per week from April to November. Litter pick-up is also to be done prior to lawn cutting. Litter is to be defined as paper, sticks, stones, etc. Furthermore, upon completion of any days work, the site is also to be left neat, clean and free from unwanted debris.


Trimming weekly of all common element lawn areas during the growing season (approximately May 1st through October 15th) in order to maintain the turf at a height of 1 ½ to 2 inches. However, during any dry spells, the grass will be allowed to maintain a height of 3 inches to endeavor and prevent browning. Excessive grass clippings shall be collected from patios, walkways and gardens and disposed of by us after each cutting. Weekly edging, and trimming of all lawn areas will be performed. Grass areas also include along City sidewalks. Shrubs are to be properly bedded so that there is no danger of the lawn maintenance equipment damaging them.


Edging of all common area trees, hedges, shrubs and Corporation flower beds will be done upon request at a quoted price to the Manager.


Cultivation of all common area trees, hedges, shrubs and corporation flower beds is to be done bi-monthly and visible weed growth is to be removed systemically.


Proper trimming is done on a weekly basis.


Fall clean-up is to include removal of all debris, the raking of leaves from all lawn areas tree beds, removal of dead flowers from the flower beds. A final raking of leaves and clean-up of litter shall be done at the end of the season each year as part of this contract.